Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hey everyone. =)

Just got back from my piano lesson. I love to play piano, such a fab form of expression! =)
Anyways today is my only girl cousin's 1st birthday! Happy Birthday little Lottie! I remember a year ago today, waking up and my mum sitting by the bedside saying "Wake up! Wake up! Quickly! Quickly!" I jumped out of bed and she quickly told me of Lottie's birth (which was a little treacherous to say the least). It was a girl! After all those months of anticipation by my sister and me, all those months of "Please let it be a girl! Oh, please!"...the moment had finally arrived. We were delighted to finally have a little girl in the family to swoon over, to dress in pink dresses and to call 'sweetheart' and 'darling'. So Charlotte Elodie was born.
The year has gone by so fast! She is crawling and giggling and smiling, almost walking, and she is the happiest little one to ever walk the earth. Lottie and her parents live 100 miles away but we see them often and I love it when we do. I hope she'll having an older cousin to look up to when she is not so young. I am 15 years her elder because my mother's brother is 13 years younger than her. Oh, and at the weekend, we are going to her birthday party so I should have lots of little one-year-olds to practise on! Yay!
So, happy birthday sweet sweet Charlotte.
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Blogger Robyn said...

Lottie is very lucky to have a great cousin like you to look up to and learn from. Happy Birthdya Lottie

5:59 am, March 09, 2007  

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