Sunday, March 11, 2007

Going back to my roots.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Just the two to share today. =) I was inspired by the oh-so-lovely Brenda whose work I absolutely *adore* to try and get some filmy B/W but failed miserably in that aspect. Too far out of my niche, I guess! Instead I settles back into my comfort would be nice to challenge my creativity though!
Went to little Lotte's birthday party yesterday but didn't get too many photos. I have a few keepers for the family album, at least. My sister let me take three photos today but in her choice of location and the lighting was TERRIBLE so not sharing them, nuh-uh! My mum got kinda angry when I kept asking her but I am going crazy - I suck at portraits thanks to my sister! I really need to find a muse. Got one going spare?
Anywho, I have got to go finish off my Latin stuff. See you! ~ Lulu


Blogger Ariana said...

I really like the black and white one, Lulu. I gave my old film camera to my younger sister, but now I'm wishing I had it back to capture an image like that :)

I love the star one, is that from the birthday party?

Love the pictures of you on the self portrait thread on ILP. Love the processing on the one your mom took, that one is so pretty.

7:08 pm, March 11, 2007  
Blogger Lulu said...

Thanks so much! :) You know, you could probably buy a film cam off eBay for about $20-30. To play around with. =)

Nope, I just hung up Xmas decorations in our garden!

Thanks, and I am going to get round to the tagging soon!

7:19 pm, March 11, 2007  
Blogger Katelyn said...

oh! i like your blog and photos.. new one to add to my bloglines!! cant wait to read more

2:09 am, March 12, 2007  
Anonymous Faith said...

I just adore your bokeh shots Lulu. You make the simplest of objects take on a whole new beauty.

I wish I could visit England, I'd be your muse for a day. I feel your pain and tire of stationary objects and/or begging people to stand for the camera!

6:36 am, March 12, 2007  
Blogger mindy~ree said...

I loooooove that star shot!!!! These are both fantastic!!! :)(OH and I am on ILP...but I am just a lurker most of the time...shame on me huh?!?!) ;)

1:32 pm, March 12, 2007  
Blogger Brenda said...

You're a nut Lulu!! =) #2 looks like film! But honestly, I LOVE's so you, so fun, fresh and cute!!

5:27 pm, March 12, 2007  
Blogger Amy said...

Fabulous DOF on the star!! Love the B+W too :)
I love your photos Lulu- you have your own style and feeling to them, that is just YOU! Embrace that! :)

11:39 pm, March 13, 2007  

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