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Today was such a warm, sunny day - for London, at least! It was nice to see the sun for once, and to marvel at the blue skies reflected in the navy glass of buildings downtown. I went for a little photo walk central, and ended up being pretty disappointed with my shots. I don't know what it is with me lately, but whatever I photograph, I seem to find something wrong. Something I could have done better. Something I wished I'd snapped but only thought about later. Maybe I need to take more time, maybe I'm just not at that stage yet where it all comes naturally, or maybe I just need to stop beating myself up about the little things. It's mighty strange though - in fact, it's not like the Lulu I know at all. Please talk some sense into me!
But I'll share them anyway...that's what blogs are for, right? :) I love Tower Bridge. Seriously, it's the best bridge in the city. It's just so cool. It was only built in 1894 but they built it in a gothic kinda style to ensure it fitted in with its surroundings. Today they couldn't have failed better (and I love that!) because on either side of the beautiful River Thames, opposite Tower Bridge, are brilliantly shiny buildings made of glass and other metallic substances which shine and gleam in the morning sunshine. I ended up hitching on a boat ride to get this shot...the things we do for the love of photography!!!
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I also love the London Eye. I swear, London is home to some of the *best* modern architecture. I've only been on it once, a few years back now, but it's a whole lotta fun. It's high too - so a bit of a no-no for those with vertigo (I love that word!) - but if you don't mind heights, it's a lot of fun. I have been wanting to try a shot like this for a while but it's hard to get the right light and the right conditions. The sky clouded over for a moment, in true English style, so I snapped. It's not quite how I imagined it would look, the photograph I mean, but I still like it okay.
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I wish I'd had the time to snap a few of the passers-by and of a train rolling into a station on the Underground...not sure how the TFL (that's Transport for London) guys would have like that...! And of the tube and the river and just little details but I met up with my cousin and grandparents so time was limited. Next time. It's not like I have ages to travel or anything. It's right on my doorstep. I love my city. It rocks. :)
Now, onto 10 things. For those that wanted the link, it is in the previous post (you just have to search for it)...but here it is again -10 things photo project
4. Funny faces. They get me every time. My cousin Thomas, who's 6 going on 4, was making funny expressions the whole time today and I was just in fits of giggles. His faces never cease to make me smile.
10 things: #4
That's all from me :)
LOve, L.


Blogger Photographs By Tiffany said...

BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHS!! Really!!! Absolutly amazing!!! I really love them!! You are such talented photographer and writer!! Really nice shots!

9:10 pm, August 01, 2007  
Blogger Donita said...

Love the "eye" - so cool with the cloudy sky in the background! Your city does rock. I have been there several times and can't wait to go back, some day.

12:03 am, August 02, 2007  
Blogger Christie said...

what amazing shots! it's hard to believe that you live there and get to see these things in person.

and 6 going on 4, LOL!

12:47 am, August 02, 2007  
Blogger Ellen said...

Lulu, that photo of the eye took my breath away. You can choose your own photo to send me, but can I choose that one as a bonus?? I love it. So much. Your cousin is cute as always, and the bridge is great. I love the start of your 10 things, it's so fun seeing the things that you love. You're lucky to live in such a wonderful city.

5:58 am, August 02, 2007  
Blogger Ellen said...

oh and DUH, I forgot what I was even here to tell you. Lulu you always inspire me and your blog is always my first stop. So i've chosen you for a creativity award on my blog.. And you deserve it. Ok? Don't tell yourself anything else :)

6:03 am, August 02, 2007  
Blogger Lulu said...

Thanks Tiffany - it means a lot to me!

Donita - I know, it rocks, doesn't it? :) Make sure to visit me next time!!

Christie, thank you. :) He is ... he never listens to a word anyone says these days but we love him anyways!

Ellen, of course. I have tried to send it but it is just not's such a pain. Can I send you the prints? And thank you SO much for my award. Love you!

8:05 am, August 02, 2007  
Blogger Ellen said...

Ugh Lulu I don't know why the email isn't working. I'm going to pm you a different address on ILP that should work, and if not then yeah, just send me the prints. Ooh or if you could get them printed before you come to Canada you could send them from here since it would be a lot cheaper. Or just give them to me if I see you. I can meet you in either Toronto or Oakville, but I completely understand if you don't have time. Maybe we could even have breakfast or something before you head out for the day. We'll arrange! I'll answer you more on my blog later b/c I think there was more to say. Right now I'm avoiding getting out of bed, but I think I need to get up now :(


12:36 pm, August 02, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, very beautiful shots. Love the "eye" photo and the mood of it.

2:07 pm, August 02, 2007  
Blogger Emily said...

Oh Lulu, you DO have such a wonderful city, and you capture it sooooo beautifully! I think a little bit of my malaise lately is actually do to my overwhelming desire to move to London. I've even been looking into getting a job there, but it seems so difficult to get a work visa for the UK...that makes me very sad. :( But for now your beautiful photos cheer me up--thank you! (emilycm from flickr)

2:27 pm, August 02, 2007  
Blogger Dogeared said...

I can answer the Tube question - if it's just a few, and quietly done, OK. But don't sit there for 10 minutes repeatedly shooting (to get the shot right), or you will get a TFL staff member asking you what you're doing and saying it's not allowed/checking.

Twice on the Tube and once in Paddington, it happened to me. Also, once in a garden, because there was an investment bank next door and they didn't want you including them in the photos of the garden [no I didn't understand either!]

6:57 pm, August 02, 2007  
Blogger Angie Penrose said...

Love these shots Lulu!! #2 is absolutely amazing. I wish I could visit London. I guess I'll visit through you. :) Thanks for always sharing such neat stuff.

3:06 am, August 03, 2007  
Blogger Amy (3 Peas) said...

AWESOME Lulu!!! :) How lucky you are to live in an amazing city :)

7:21 am, August 04, 2007  
Blogger Maggie said...

ooh GORGEOUS! I'd love to see London someday. The photo of the London eye has such a fierce looking shy behind it. Also, that face is priceles!

8:27 pm, August 05, 2007  

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