Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Miss Me?

Ladies! I'm back! I had an absolutely exquisite time in Canada; it's very different to England, and London, but the change was certainly refreshing. I'm afraid I'll have quite a few posts on my trip for a while now, hope you don't mind! My two weeks were jam-packed: visiting the CN tower, walking around Toronto, going up north for a week, seeing Niagara Falls, taking pictures, baking cookies, taking more pictures and much much more. It was hectic but really fun. Here's just a few from the two hours my sister and I spent chilling out in the Indigo Bookstore on Bloor Street, whilst my mum and her lovely friend and colleague Karen were in a meeting. Ellen, you are SO lucky to have such a store....we don't have any bookshops as large and comprehensive here. You lucky thing!




Thank you for all your lovely comments whilst I was away - I truly do appreciate them. I hope to get back into the swing of things soon, although I caught a nasty sore throat on the plane back home, so don't count on it for a day or two. More photos to come very soon!

Love, Lulu


Blogger Michelle Jackson said...

Hi Lulu just wondered if you would post a link to my blog on your blog, please? You will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Michelle
url: lovelycreations.blogspot.com
blog name: Lovely You...

6:28 pm, August 21, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back Lulu! Missed 'ya and looking fwd to seeing pics from your adventures...

6:31 pm, August 21, 2007  
Blogger tanya said...

Welcome Miss Lulu! I sure missed you! Can't wait to see some of shots!
Glad you are home safe and sound!

7:22 pm, August 21, 2007  
Blogger Corey~living and loving said...

Welcome back. Sorry to hear you are sick. Loved the first picture! Can't wait to see more. :)

7:36 pm, August 21, 2007  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Welcome back Lulu, glad your home again and back on with us! See these pics they show you and I love the use of dof in these, can't wait to see more girl!

9:35 pm, August 21, 2007  
Blogger Angie Penrose said...

Lulu-so glad you are back! I missed you. :) Hope you feel better and I can't wait to see some more of your pics! These shots of the books are so fun!

3:09 am, August 22, 2007  
Blogger Megan said...

Yay..Lulu's back! Glad to hear you had a great time, can't wait to see some of your shots..and feel better..

12:04 pm, August 22, 2007  
Blogger Amy (3 Peas) said...

YAY you're back!! :)
Glad your trip was great- looking forward to more pics! :)

4:06 pm, August 22, 2007  
Blogger Jinksee said...

Welcome home! :D Glad you had a great time..sad about catching the sickness though. :(

4:41 pm, August 22, 2007  
Blogger Photographs By Tiffany said...

Wonderful photos of the books!! WOW!! I just love them!
Glad you had such a nice time on your trip!!
Can't wait for more posts!

4:55 pm, August 22, 2007  
Blogger Ellen said...

Welcome home! I already told you, but still. Again :)

Love these shots.. I think your Canada pictures are going to inspire me, I'm so bad at photographing my everyday surroundings! Can't wait to see more.

(And I can't let myself go into Indigo too much anymore, I spend far too much. And their wrapping paper and cards are sooo pretty, but so expensive! I always get gift certificates for there for Christmas though, and always enjoy using them of course. Glad you got to go!)

8:16 pm, August 22, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome back lulu!!!!

12:11 am, August 23, 2007  
Blogger mindy~ree said...

I missed you lulu!!! I've been checking your page every day to see when you were home! :) Can't wait to see your photos!! :)

8:37 pm, August 23, 2007  
Blogger Tiffany said...

I always love your still on books.

12:46 pm, August 25, 2007  

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