Monday, August 27, 2007

New Blog!

I've been contemplating switching for a while, much as I adore this blog, because I have so many problems with Blogger...the fussy girl that I am...and I am so technologically behind that I refuse to comprehend Blogger Beta, or whatever it is called now. :)
So, for various reasons, I have a new blog! Woo! But please promise not to desert me now I am a Blogger traitor. Pretty please? I won't be deserting you guys! And please update your links. Thank you!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

So Me.

Ths photograph is SO me. It is inextricably linked to who I am, to Lulu. My starry bracelet, that never leaves my wrist, and my etiolated wristwatch - the timekeeper that I am - and my pose: all are so utterly Lulu. This image really, to me, exemplifies me and who I am. Who I want to become, and who I will be. My sister took it. I wanted her to take a picture of my bracelet, just for fun, and she managed to capture this one too. I think it's funny, how, in the end it's the ones who love you - the ones who know you inside-out and back-to-front, who would give their lives for you, who could find you in a twisting maze - who really capture you. She managed to bring out the person that IS me. And I think that is why I am so often astounded by the picture YOU all share of your children and loved one; so full of childish whimsy, vitality and absolute childhood honesty. And now I realise that honesty is the children themselves. Captured by their mothers, who love them and know them more than anybody could know.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I have SO much to tell you guys!

So much! Remember, in May and June, I did all those exams? All those exams that tore me away from photography and blogging and whatnot? Well, they're pretty important really. They're called GCSEs, and they go on your CV, they sometimes look at them for university and if you don't do well, you're not allowed to carry on at school anymore. So major. People freak out about them a lot. I got the results today! The system works a bit differently in the UK to in America, we have grades A* - G and then UNGRADED, God forbid, which means it was so bad they basically couldn't bear to touch it! But, thankfully, they're pretty least in my school. And, in the US and Canada, I think straight As is pretty normal, right? Or maybe not, but only 5% of the population gets an A* in each subject so, yea, pretty tough. I took 10 subjects...and I was so sick to my stomach with nerves...and so worried I was going to fail (a pass is A*-C) ... and I did so well!!!!!
I received six A* grades in English Literature, English Language, Latin, History, Religious Studies (I got 100% in that!) and German. And two A grades in Biology and Physics - which I am so happy about. I am the most unscientific person you could ever meet, and I generally got straight Cs the whole two years of the course (unfortunately Bio, Chem, Physics are compulsory to GCSE level here) but I worked so hard for the exam, and it obviously paid off! And then I got a B in Chemistry and Maths. Maths I find terribly difficult so I was really pleased about that, and a B is still about 70%...Chemistry I really couldn't care less, I hate it that much. It's being remarked though, because it was only 1 single mark off an A. So, yes, I am so excited! I've had more phone calls today than ever, even when it's my birthday!
We had to go into school to collect the results, and I saw so many people crying and being consoled on the way, that I started to worry even more - and then my Chemistry teacher (who is a bit scary and who you would NOT want to meet in a dark alley, even in daylight) strode up to me and said he wanted a word after I'd opened my then I thought he might take me round the corner and punch me because I'd got a C or something but no, it was okay! He just wanted to ask if it was alright to have it remarked. Phew!
And, if you haven't realised, this is going to be a very very long post! And, so, I walked over to the table and one of my old teachers handed me my envelope. And, literally, guys, I was shaking. I should really have read all the signs but I think I was too nervous to really register it and take it all in. My Religious Studies teacher, the lovely and beautiful Miss W, was smiling at me and my English teacher gave me a huge thumbs up and my Physics teacher was looking at me giddy with happiness (probably relieved that I didn't fail his course entirely) but I refused to open my envelope for 10 minutes. I needed time to prepare myself!
.... so I just watched for a while. I watched Mr G hand out all those brown envelopes to my friends, as they sidled up to the table, with nervous shy smiles on their faces. I watched as the pile of envelopes, each bringing either joy or sorrow, dwindled and vanished...and I watched as the girls around me tore open their brown packages and smiled or wept or hugged their friends. It was nice to just watch. And, finally, I opened mine. And I was so so amazed. I truly was. And then my Biology teacher ran up to hug me, and I just started to cry, I was that amazed - and her daughter Abigail was jumping up and down. And the people around me were all so happy, so smiley and lovely...all looking at their marks and comparing. And that is when I realised IT.
I realised that I do so want to be a teacher . I realised in that singular moment, that moment so tiny and absolutely insignificant in my entire life, that school is my home. I want to be there forever - as student or teacher. If it can't be me walking in each day to learn, to receive brown envelopes that contain the unknown, I want to be there learning with other, giving THEM the brown envelopes and helping them realise their individual potentials. :) So I'm happy. I thought I was sad school holidays are coming to a close, much as I adore school, and I thought I was happy to have a break. Yet when I arrived to collect my envelope, and I saw all my favourite people - my teachers and friends who are all so wonderful - and I saw the green grass and the lacrosse pitch and the hall and the squeaky clean floors - I was enveloped with a sense of wonder and an utter joy to be where I was. I love it so. I cannot wait until school begins on the 3rd. Yea!
So, I hope you managed to keep up with my rambles thus far. Not much longer to go! I promise to have many more Toronto posts, and to be a better Blogger - it's just hard to be inspired to take pictures in all this gloom and rain - and I promise that about the Toronto pictures. Ellen made me swear I would post all 200, even the grainy blurred ones (who's saying there are any?!), because she wants to see them. Ellen, maybe not all 200, but I'll post most of them anyway!
Again, sorry I haven't been commenting much. I've been too sick with my throat and worried about results. But today was much better. So I'll leave you with one of my favourite Toronto pictures, my yummy chocolate frapp. They taste better in Canada! The best thing to drink in such humid heat :)
Love, happy as a cat Lulu

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Miss Me?

Ladies! I'm back! I had an absolutely exquisite time in Canada; it's very different to England, and London, but the change was certainly refreshing. I'm afraid I'll have quite a few posts on my trip for a while now, hope you don't mind! My two weeks were jam-packed: visiting the CN tower, walking around Toronto, going up north for a week, seeing Niagara Falls, taking pictures, baking cookies, taking more pictures and much much more. It was hectic but really fun. Here's just a few from the two hours my sister and I spent chilling out in the Indigo Bookstore on Bloor Street, whilst my mum and her lovely friend and colleague Karen were in a meeting. Ellen, you are SO lucky to have such a store....we don't have any bookshops as large and comprehensive here. You lucky thing!




Thank you for all your lovely comments whilst I was away - I truly do appreciate them. I hope to get back into the swing of things soon, although I caught a nasty sore throat on the plane back home, so don't count on it for a day or two. More photos to come very soon!

Love, Lulu

Monday, August 06, 2007

Bye, Bye

Promise to take loads of good photos and post them on your blogs so I can see them all when I get back! I'm going to Canada, Toronto and Ottawa and Lake Ontario, for 2 weeks and will have limited internet access. :) I might be able to pop in and comment on a few blogs though. We'll see!
Have a great two weeks and I'll see you when I get back, hopefully with lotsa fun pictures to share. Love you all!
Love, Lulu

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Costa Coffee and The Guardian

Yum. Costa Coffee and The Guardian on Saturday to favourite. [The Guardian is a newspaper in the UK, and the best one in my humble opinion!]
10 things: #6
Sorry I haven't been commenting on blogs much. I've been all wrapped up with packing for Canada and things. Today is the 2nd anniversary of my grandmother's death too, so we are going up to Suffolk to celebrate, well...commemorate, with my grandfather and aunts and uncles. And beautiful baby Lottie, who never got the chance to meet my Grandma. Also, a note for Ellen - I keep trying to e-mail you but it keeps bouncing back! I'll try again but I thought I'd mention it here, so you don't wonder why I'm not mailing you my pictures.
Thanks for reading!
Love, Lulu

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ellen, you sweetie!!

So the oh-so-wonderful, absolutely lovely, kind and totally fab Ellen has given me a Creative Blogger Award. Thank you Miss E! You can check out Ellen's blog over at She has some great backlighting going on and some shots from her trip to Cuba that I just adore. So, go on over! Apparently it's now my duty to pass on this torch to three more creative bloggers who deserve the award. There are SO many people I could choose, truly and utterly, but thankfully many have already been chosen by another Blogger so my list is narrowed somewhat.
Her images and words always inspire and amaze me. She never ceases to move me with her images. Their DOF, colour and soul is out of this world. And her knitting...well...tell me that is NOT creative!

Rebekah is a girl after my own heart. Her posts and pictures are full of joy and fun, gorgeous light and wise words. I always enjoy a visit to her infinitely creative blog.
It's impossible not to love Brenda and her wonderful creative images of Gracie and Sam. Her B/W conversions are always wonderful and her creative use of light is stunning.
Now I think Brenda, Rebekah and pass on the award to three other Bloggers you deem as especially creative. Glad to know and learn through you three!! Thank you all for your words of encouragement yesterday. Today I made a resolution to just shoot, shoot, shoot. I was going to go downtown to the Tate or the V&A Museum but my mum left me a list of chores to do so I doubt I'll have time. I might just take a train ride or treat myself to a Starbucks icy milkshake or something! We'll see. Meanwhile I *think* might be getting out of my rut. Finally! It's taken long enough. :) I was really pleased with these shots from pleased I might even share it and some others on ILP...I really was, even though they're just my everyday.
10 things: #5
This is #5 in my 10 things project. A pile of unread novels, and a polka dot mug of hot chocolate. What could be better? You tell me. Anywho, have a nice day. Love, Lulu. :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Today was such a warm, sunny day - for London, at least! It was nice to see the sun for once, and to marvel at the blue skies reflected in the navy glass of buildings downtown. I went for a little photo walk central, and ended up being pretty disappointed with my shots. I don't know what it is with me lately, but whatever I photograph, I seem to find something wrong. Something I could have done better. Something I wished I'd snapped but only thought about later. Maybe I need to take more time, maybe I'm just not at that stage yet where it all comes naturally, or maybe I just need to stop beating myself up about the little things. It's mighty strange though - in fact, it's not like the Lulu I know at all. Please talk some sense into me!
But I'll share them anyway...that's what blogs are for, right? :) I love Tower Bridge. Seriously, it's the best bridge in the city. It's just so cool. It was only built in 1894 but they built it in a gothic kinda style to ensure it fitted in with its surroundings. Today they couldn't have failed better (and I love that!) because on either side of the beautiful River Thames, opposite Tower Bridge, are brilliantly shiny buildings made of glass and other metallic substances which shine and gleam in the morning sunshine. I ended up hitching on a boat ride to get this shot...the things we do for the love of photography!!!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I also love the London Eye. I swear, London is home to some of the *best* modern architecture. I've only been on it once, a few years back now, but it's a whole lotta fun. It's high too - so a bit of a no-no for those with vertigo (I love that word!) - but if you don't mind heights, it's a lot of fun. I have been wanting to try a shot like this for a while but it's hard to get the right light and the right conditions. The sky clouded over for a moment, in true English style, so I snapped. It's not quite how I imagined it would look, the photograph I mean, but I still like it okay.
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I wish I'd had the time to snap a few of the passers-by and of a train rolling into a station on the Underground...not sure how the TFL (that's Transport for London) guys would have like that...! And of the tube and the river and just little details but I met up with my cousin and grandparents so time was limited. Next time. It's not like I have ages to travel or anything. It's right on my doorstep. I love my city. It rocks. :)
Now, onto 10 things. For those that wanted the link, it is in the previous post (you just have to search for it)...but here it is again -10 things photo project
4. Funny faces. They get me every time. My cousin Thomas, who's 6 going on 4, was making funny expressions the whole time today and I was just in fits of giggles. His faces never cease to make me smile.
10 things: #4
That's all from me :)
LOve, L.