Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Yes, Mindy, the quotations are back. =)
"…If there's just one kind of folks, why can't they get along with each other? If they're all alike, why do they go out of their way to despise each other? There's only one type of folks...folks." ~ Jem Finch (To Kill A Mockingbird)
Yep, my favourite novel of ALL time, along with A Summer to Die. Anyone else love that book? I read constantly. When I'm not taking photographs, I'm reading or knitting...or maybe even both!!!! We had a suprise assessment today in English Literature; had to write an essay on why To Kill A Mockingbird is still such a respected book. I wrote that it's because its message of equality for all and judging people on the content of their character transcends time and place. It's simply a universal truth. Racism is one thing I get reallly up in arms about. I don't understand how you can possibly judge one person on the grounds of their ethnicity since race is about appearance and not about character. Everyone is so different and that is what makes the world turn, but it doesn't mean some people are better than others. Of course, some people do bad things but I was always told that there's a little good in everybody - even if you have to look extra hard to find it. =)
Anyways, enough about the seriousa stuff! Is anyone else busy as banana jam at the moment? I seem to have NO time whatsoever anymore! It's kind of nice to be so busy but it's kinda chaotic too. I wake up, shower, eat, go to school, knit, eat, have afternoon lessons, come home from school, take pictures, eat, go to piano/Girl Scouts/do homework...go to bed! I just had a moment when I got home to snatch a few photographs at around 5pm so light was kind of iffy but I got two keepers, outta 4! =) Thanks for reading now! Love Miss Lulu ♥
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Post Script : Both were almost SOOC (straight out of camera for non-photography obssessed chicks) which I was so pleased about. =) But excuse the rubbish compositions please!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Not much time for a long post tonight (jump for joy! you are spared my ramblings!) since my old childminder Zandra is down from Wales and we're having a great time playing Snakes and Ladders and Ludo. =) I had a moment to snap a couple, just of my knitting. I LOVE to knit! I'm not that good and only really make scarves and hats but it's fun and something to do at school when everyone else is chatting about MySpace! This one is for my best friend Katie, whom I've known since she was born, and she lives really far away...but I love her so much, so if you're reading Katie, thanks for being a great friend! And here's a sneak preview of the birthday present! At 1.8, 1/100 and ISO 400!

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And whilst I'm here I must thank you ALL for all your encouragement and support. It's so lovely to get home and see all your great comments, advice and stories you have to share. =) So, thank you. Till tomorrow, L x

Monday, February 26, 2007

Coloured Pencils. =)

Hello! Just got back from school and the light was actually pretty good for once! Normally daylight is fading by the time I get home but today it was just RIGHT. Of course, I pleaded with my sister, offered her humbugs or cupcakes or even 50p but she wasn't having any of it! "The light is right!" I kept saying, but non-photographers never understand, do they?! Found a bottle of coloured wooden pencils, drew myself a picture and decided to be 'creative'! Oops, there goes my exclamation marks again! So, this is how my little shoot turned out. Mostly @ 2.8, ISO 100/200 and varying shutter speeds. Have been shooting a lot in Av mode lately, I think I need to get back into the swing of manual. I added grain to the black and whites, can't resist a grainy B/W! =) So that's my little story! I don't know about in America or other countries but here most schools, including mine, end at 4-00 pm so there's not much time for photography afterwards. We start at 8-00...that's a whole 8 hours in school! What time do you/your kids start and finish school? Gotta go do homework for Chemistry now, yuck! See yooou! =)

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Ooops, B/W not showing up. Will try to fix it later. Gotta go now!
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Ta-da! Not much but I like it. =)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bored of flowers?

Not much else to photograph around here. My whole family is sick, with the exception of me, so have not been doing much except for carrying the newspapers and honey&lemon cups up and down the stairs! I'm kind of cheating today because I took this at the same time as the previous image was taken but we go back to school tomorrow from February half-term and have been doing lots of last minute homework and getting ready for that so haven't really picked up the camera today. I did take a few of Cleo, our cat, this morning but they weren't very good at all so no showing them!

This one is just of some snowdrops I picked in our garden, and I liked the natural vignette although the focus isn't great. Canon 300D and 50mm @ 1.8, 1/400, ISO 100. =)

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I managed to sneak in a little scrapbooking too which I haven't done for simply AGES. Seems that photography and writing and school leaves no time for anything else. I vowed to sit down and do some though, because I do love it so. Anyone else like scrapbooking here? =) Took a couple of SNAPS whilst I was on my way, just for fun. All @ 2.0, 1/125 and ISO 400.

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Had to smudge out the address on that, sorry! Better safe than sorry, right? Can't believe my darling little cousin is almost one! How time flies! Cannot imagine how it must be for all the mothers out there. ;) Not much of a LO but I try! Thanks for reading! Love Miss L =)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

In the spirit of spring. :)

I think I have found my 50mm's sweet spot, f/2.8. It never fails to produce pretty bokeh and creamy DOF for me. Thanks Mister Fifty! =) It seems like spring has finally arrived. There are tulips and snowdrops of a great magnitude of colours springing up here, there and everywhere. The garden is beginning to look like a rainbow - I cannot wait until the trees start to grow leaves again. When I was little, when it was springtime, I always used to say"The trees have bought some new clothes." Children say funny things, don't they? =)
See you later and thank you all for your comments. I love reading them, and am off to check out your blogs if I haven't already! Love Miss L

Friday, February 23, 2007

New day, new blog.

Ambitious. Benevolent. Confused (sometimes)! Daisy-picker. Eleanor's sister. Free. Graceful. Happy. Innocent. Joyous. Keen. Lulu. Mother-to-be, in the far future. Naive. Obdurate. Pacifist. Q?. Stubborn. Thumbelina. United Kingdom resident. Valient. Wishy-washy. X?. Young. Zany!

That's me by alphabet. Now we've got that out of the way, I'd like to welcome you to my new blog. Tulips Grow Anywhere. I thought that would be a fitting name. I'm a very hopeful girl and tulips are a sign of hope and the future, and my dreams start anywhere you can see, I have a tendency to ramble. The reason I moved from here was because the posts went crazy with a capital C when I tried to change my header so I thought a change would be fun! I just got back from Berlin yesterday and had an absolutely awesome birthday trip (thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday, it certainly was) and maybe there was something in the water there?

Anyways, basically, I'm still a project 365er (a photo a day for 2007) and am having great fun but have a new house as of today. Welcome to my 'crib'! I guess that's what I am meant to say! =) For those of you who don't know me; I'm Lulu, age 16, love photography and have a tendency to use exclamation marks way too much!!!! So I'll see you around, for now I'll leave you with a shot from my absolutely exquisite Berlin break! Love Miss Lulu =)

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